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    • Monday Classes March 13, 2018

      Timetable for Classes on Monday

      5:15 Spinning
      8:15 Pilates
      9:30 Pilates for the elderly
      17:15 Spinning
      18:15 Pilates




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    • Tuesday Classes March 6, 2018

      Timetable for Classes on Tuesday

      7:15 Spinning
      8:15 Pilates
      17:15 Pilates
      18:15 Spinning

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      Each day contains games and hiking. World Town Planning Day presents a great chance to check at planning from a worldwide perspective, and APA encourages its members to think about planning challenges and options around the world on this day. Because of this, it’s important to devote time on picking the business.

      In countries across the Earth, such as the USA as well as the uk, the day raises people’s awareness of and concern for health care issues in their communities. Education day is just one of the best sections of this fair! It happens on the Friday of this reasonable and runs for roughly three hours.

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    • Wednesday Classes March 6, 2018

      Timetable for Classes on Wednesday

      5:15     Spinning
      8:15     Pilates
      9:30    Pilates for the elderly
      17:15   Spinning
      18:15   Pilates

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    • Thursday Classes March 6, 2018

      Timetable for Classes on Thursday

      7:15 Spinning
      08:15 Pilates
      17:15 Pilates
      18:15 Spinning

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    • Friday Classes March 6, 2018

      Timetable for Classes on Friday

      5:15 Spinning
      8:15 Pilates

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