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    The Wattbike uses a combination of both air and magnetic resistance to provide a smooth, realistic ride feel. The simple, predictable, adjustment allows full control over the resistance that can be altered whilst riding to achieve the desired output simply and effectively.

    Performace Monitor

    The Wattbike Performance Monitor is the brains of the bike. It displays power, heart rate and cadence as well as many other cycling parameters in real time to give essaywritingservice riders and coaches the most in-depth, accurate feedback available on any indoor bike.
    The live pedaling display, the Polar View, provides a unique technique feedback experience.


    Measuring 37 parameters, 100 times per second +/- 2% accuracy.

    SPD™ Competable Pedal

    The Wattbike is supplied with multi use pedal suitable for use with training shoes as well as SPD and Look Keo cleats.

    Fully Adjust Fit

    The Wattbike has a wide range of adjustment to ensure all riders can achieve the perfect riding position. There is an optional long seat post and long handle bar post for very tall riders.

    Ride Feel

    Riders experience the most realistic ride feel thanks to the unique resistance system ensuring the Wattbike feels more like riding a real bike than any other indoor bike.

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